Starfall Ball Itinerary

Cedar City Starfall

Hello Darling,

I am delighted to curate your itinerary for the enchanting Starfall Ball Weekend, a celebration that promises to be a true feast for the senses. Prepare to be immersed in a world of magic, elegance, and adventure unlike any other. Allow me to guide you through this memorable journey:

Scavenger Hunt Map

Court Venture

November 1st & 2nd

Gather with your fellow Prythians as we embark on a fantastical journey through the enchanting realms of Southern Utah. Amidst the crimson-hued rocks and towering peaks, discover the treasures that make this land unique during our grand Court Venture. Whether it be the majesty of the red rocks or the awe-inspiring heights of the mountains, there’s something to enchant every soul along this mystical path. Are you prepared to join us on this extraordinary adventure?

Starfall Ball
Inner Circle Bookish Gathering Sandwich
Inner Circle Bookish Gathering Sandwich
Inner Circle Bookish Gathering Sandwich

Inner Circle (VIP)
Bookish Gathering Friday November 1st
6 PM-10PM

Kickoff Cedar City Starfall with our Bookish Gathering in Downtown Cedar City, we begin at IG Winery the cozy, quaint space renowned for incredible wine and hand-crafted drinks. Their wines are all made, blended and vinted locally, using grapes sourced from Washington, Oregon, California, and Utah. Don’t forget to brush up on the books for our villainous discussions, most outlandish ships and all things SJM. We will have hand selected your Solstice Gift just for this exchange, some silky underthings, a pair of cufflinks, maybe some tonic to drown out those headaches you’re always getting. Once we’ve mixed and mingled we will step into the realm of exclusivity as you join the inner circle for a private dining affair at the renowned Chef Alfredo’s of Cedar City. Delight in a three-course culinary journey, where you’ll be enchanted by Sevenda’s meticulously crafted menu, offering a selection of delectable options for each course. 


Starfall Ball Venue
Ethereal Event Co Starfall Ball

Cedar City Starfall


November 2nd, 2024

7 PM- 12AM

This is the night we’ve eagerly awaited—the enchanting Starfall Ball at Iron Springs Resort. As the moon ascends the night sky, casting its ethereal glow, we shall don our finest attire and immerse ourselves in an evening of splendor. Prepare to be captivated by mesmerizing music, graceful dancers, and an atmosphere that teems with magic. Allow your spirit to soar as we dance the night away, surrounded by the shimmering stars and the company of the finest individuals from across the courts.

What to expect:

The venue is a large indoor space with garage doors on either side that (weather pending) will be open to the outdoor area where there is 4 separate fire features with seating around each. In the venue there is a balcony overlooking the dance floor. There will a DJ playing, butlers wandering around with appetizers, 2 drink stations one with Alcohol, one without. We’ve got a multitude of photo opportunities as well as a professional photographer set up to take you and your groups photo. There will also be a videographer capturing moments all throughout the event… speaking of which we do have a few tricks up our sleeve regarding entertainment, happenings, etc.

Stroll around the market through our Fortresses of Ivory and Brine, Ruby and Vestments, where our vendors, both food and wares, will have traveled near and far to be delighting the celebrators of Starfall.

Cosplay Contest:

Join us for Cedar City Starfall’s Cosplay Contest on Saturday as well, more details to be announced, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Join our discord for additional information and some spoilers if you’re into that kinda thing!

Ethereal Event Co with Rhysand Starfall Ball Venue
Overlooking Starfall Ball Venue
Overlooking Starfall Ball Venue

The Evening Awaits

Saturday November 2nd, 2024

Book Club Ethereal

Additional info

Can be found through our social media platforms- instagram, TikTok, Discord, Facebook

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and love to hear from you all. Don’t hesitate to reach out with outfit suggestions, questions about the ball, accommodations, places to eat, anything you can think of we love to hear it. Feel free to take advantage and check those out as well!

With love and light

-Ethereal Event Co

Cedar City Starfall
A Night Under the Stars